Tuesday, March 24, 2020

My Prayer Request

So many prayers to request.  I thought I would ask for just one. Please pray for everyone in the medical field that are on the front lines on the war on the Coronavirus.


  1. Prayers lifted and will continue! We all must be safe and use common sense!!

  2. Such courageous folk need far more protection.

    1. They absolutely do, Barbara. I'm afraid it is like this everywhere around the world.

  3. Yes the medical professionals are there no matter what. Thank God for them. Prayers for their protection on the front lines. When I was at the grocery the other day, I was sure to thank the people working there as well. We are finding out who is really necessary these days.

  4. Praying for the Lord's protection for those on the front lines of dealing with this virus.

  5. Thank you for your request, Gina, My daughter is a nurse, she is covered in prayer each day.

  6. praying for them every day


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