Wednesday, May 13, 2020


I have ventured out of my home. Did you see me? I dare say you didn't as I was incognito.  A woman of mystery I am. Who is the woman behind the veil? Could she be a famous actress from days gone by?  Could she be a published pandemic playwright? Could she be a femme fatale ~ a petite pink ninja? Or could she be all of the above...


  1. Funny! It sure helps us to get through this by laughing. I vote for petite pink Ninja!

  2. I'm going with famous actress. I've got two masks. One is plain white and one is denim. I realized the other day that I'm going to be wearing a mask or other face covering for awhile and I need to get something a little more fun. I may become a great actress of yesteryear, too.

  3. Definitely a Celebrity in disguise!

  4. You are adorable in your undercover attire! Have a good day, Gina!

  5. A woman of mystery for sure, with great taste in scarves!
    Hope you are staying well :)

  6. I'm voting for a famous actress going incognito! You're too cute, Gina!

  7. Hello sweet, Gina!

    I would dare say you all of the above and more! You are gorgeous, and I love that scarf!

    Stay well!

    Hugs and Love,

  8. A beautiful, sweet blogging friend, is the lady behind the scarf! Hope you are doing well, dear Gina, I have been so busy with cleaning and gardening!


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