Answering the Call

And the call will come.  Not right now.  Maybe not for a few weeks or months.  But it will surely come.

I've read many an article and blog post that minimizes this Coronavirus pandemic.  I understand people may take comfort in that.  But I want to know what is happening.  I want to know what the enemy is.  I want to know what I can do to help.

Many people aren't concerned because there is little to no spread near their area.  What they don't realize is that is a very short term comfort.  The pandemic will spread.

I've been reading articles about people fleeing hot zones like New York City to more rural areas.  I can certainly understanding the "wanting to escape".  But they aren't really escaping.  They are just seeding the virus to other areas in the United States.  The RO (rate of spread) for the Coronavirus is an average of each individual person infecting 3 people.  Then those 3 people infect 3 people and so on.  Let's say that number is high and a person only infects one other person.  Then that other 1 person infects another person and so on.  That original person could exponentially infect more than 59,000 people.

The world has never seen a pandemic such as this.  The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 killed between 20-50 million people - about one third of the world's population.  Now they did not have the medical advances that we do now.  But also the spread of the Spanish Flu was not as widespread.  Just think about it.  There were airplanes but not air travel as we know today.  There were trains and cars and ships but nothing like we know today.  Now we can easily travel from city to city, state to state, country to country, and continent to continent.  Not just the rich but the every man.  Thus the greater spread of Coronavirus vs the Spanish Flu.

Now with all this said, there is hope.  A vaccine may be available in a year.  Therapeutic drugs are being tested.  Engineers and scientists are working 24/7.  But all this takes time.

What can we do in this time?


Stay informed. Knowledge is Power.

Stay home.  Try to flatten the curve lessoning the impact on the hospitals etc.

Stay healthy.

Look for ways to help others.

Remember each day is a gift and live it with a grateful heart.